Positive Negative
Comes to work on time Shows up usually from 11am onwards, has been known to arrive at 16:00 or later without explanation
Follows instructions of manager Argues the toss over any work  instruction, rarely completes work on time if at all, always has an excuse for non completion
Is off work due to illness rarely Has been ill for periods of several months at a time, for reasons of "stress".  NO evidence of this from work activities
Gets on with job Pesters immediate and senior management with examples of hardship and how the company is being unfair to her
Helps coworkers with problems and assignments After leaving your desk you can be sure that she has dumped on you some or all or his work activities
Able to work the right number of hours per week  (42 or therabouts) According to timesheet manages to work sometimes over 50 hours per week i.e. Apparently too much despite arriving at about noon per day and not visibly working at all
Good technical knowledge Average Technical knowledge
Will admit to being wrong Never admits to being wrong
Co-operative Un-cooperative and argumentative
Able to work with manager Reports manager to HR claiming discrimination
Follows dress code Actively rejects office dress code
Produces work on time Rarely if ever works,  but if working does not produce work on time, always because of reasons out of their control
Supports coworkers The first to tell management the reason for their failed deliverables is your apparent lack of input or cooperation
Is in a committed relationship Claims to be in a  committed relationship, but no sequence of events or personal circumstances however dramatic or tragic  allows her to live with 5000Km of each other
Goes on a business trip and performs business Goes on business trips in order to claim airmiles
Able to stay awake Has fallen asleep at desk, head back, snoring loudly
Attends meetings Arrives late for meetings and can leave in midst of meeting without explanation